Margonin (gw), Margońska Wieś

Description of the offer

The subject of the sale is a recently operating and fully functional feed production plant.
Location: Margońska Wieś, Margonin commune.
Margońska Wieś is located at a distance of:

  • Bydgoszcz - 75 km
  • Poznań - 82 km
  • Szczecin - 218 km
  • Warsaw - 376 km
In the immediate vicinity of the plant, there are agricultural and transport companies as well as agricultural land. The property has access to a public road. Access is via an asphalt road and the final stretch is a good quality dirt road. Good communication with road no. 193.
The facility is located on two geodetic plots (no. 12/7 and 13/4) with a total area of 45,717 m2. The status of the plots is ownership.
The area is not covered by the current spatial development plan. In the conditions and directions of spatial development of the Margonin commune, the area is designated for production, storage, and warehouses. Infrastructure: electricity (630 kVA transformer - currently reduced to 136 kW with the possibility of increasing), municipal water supply, septic tank, gas (propane-butane cylinders, 9 tanks with a total capacity of 24 T), internet. The gas tank system, along with the reducing station, supplies the production line and heats the office and social rooms.
The total area of the buildings is 3,244 m2. The buildings were built in the 1970s and modernized around 2006.
The production tower building was built in 2006. The total area of hardened surfaces with concrete blocks (access roads, maneuvering areas) is approximately 6,300 m2. The currently non-built-up area is used for agricultural cultivation.
The production capacity of the plant is up to 75,000 tons per year of pelleted and loose feed. To ensure such production capacity, the plant has storage facilities, including silos for grains and bulk materials with a total capacity of 2,500 tons, and dispatch silos for storing produced feeds with a capacity of 420 tons.
The property and facilities include:
  • Production and storage building with office and social facilities, a single-storey building without a basement with a total area of 1,878.50 m2, including:
  • Office and social part: 474.5 m2
  • Production and storage part: 844 m2
  • A five-story tower in which the main elements of the production line are located.
  • Steel loading canopy: 50 m2
  • Steel canopy with an unloading pit with a tipper: 137.50 m2
  • Workshop building with social facilities: 182 m2
  • Single-storey storage building without a basement: 366 m2
  • Steel canopy with an unloading pit: 70.00 m2

In addition, the plant is equipped with a truck scale and a rakoraf (device for automatic sampling of grain from trucks).
plant is equipped with the following production lines: Weighing, dosing and mixing line with a capacity of 20 T/h. Pelleting line (2 units) with a total capacity of 16 T/h Cold post pelleting line with a total capacity of up to 20 T/h Loading line for finished products with a capacity of 420 T. Liquide tanks / storage and dosing line for mixing.

Zakład produkcyjny, wytwórnia pasz na sprzedaż, Margońska Wieś koło Chodzieży.

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own bottle
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manufacturing plant
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droga asfaltowa, ostatni odcinek droga gruntowa
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on the outskirts of the city
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Description of the offer contained on the website is prepared on the basis of inspection of the property and information obtained from the owner, may be subject to updates and does not constitute an offer referred to in Article 66 and subsequent articles of the Civil Code.

14 000 000 zł
4 315,66 zł/m2
Offer number
3244.00 m2

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