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You will find a lot of useful information on our website. We really want our clients to have access to professional knowledge, regardless of the time and place where they are. Therefore, we regularly publish branch articles and guides. On our blog you will find information, among others, on the purchase of a particular type of real estate. If you are looking for advice on buying a flat or a house, you can read our texts and then contact our advisor. At KZ Nieruchomości, we focus on high quality of service. We do not leave our clients without answers to questions that are important to them.


What can you read about on our blog?

We deal with real estate brokering on a daily basis. Therefore, we are very happy to educate our guests in the field of furnishing apartments, caring for the house and its surroundings, as well as organizing innovative solutions. We want to inspire readers and expose current trends. Apartments for sale can be furnished in a really intriguing manner, being, at the same time, economical and environmentally friendly. The same goes of course for single-family houses. That is why we regularly publish texts, among others, as part of the "Go Green" series. This series is about ecological activities that you can implement in your immediate surroundings. Sometimes it is not necessary to spend a lot of time and money to improve the natural environment around you.


KZGadget is also an interesting series. As part of it, we share news from the technological world. We advise our readers which devices may be useful in their homes. Equipment such as air purifiers or split air conditioners can improve the quality of everyday life. Many modern solutions are also associated with additional savings. A home budget is a very important topic for most of us, so we advise you on how to save by deciding to invest in individual household appliances and more.


Blog and more?

On our website not only will you find absorbing professional articles. We also invite you to use the advertisement search engine. Here you will find all offers, both for the sale and rental of real estate. We continuously publish announcements of the Piła region and the surrounding area. Your offer may also be here! All you have to do is report it by means of a specific form. To make it easier for customers to make an initial decision, we also provided a purchase cost calculator. After determining the type of property and entering its value, you will see all additional costs, including the notarial fee or the costs of an excerpt of a notarial deed. This is very valuable knowledge that allows you to better prepare for the transaction.


Apartments for sale - Piła and its vicinity

Please contact us if you want to sell or buy an apartment in Piła or its vicinity. Our offer includes beautiful single-family houses, apartments, but also real estate ideal for running a business in any industry. If you are interested in a construction plot, you should check the assortment available in the search engine of our website. We strive to ensure that our offer reaches customers with diverse needs. Admirers of urban development, as well as natural, peaceful places in rural areas will find a place for themselves here.

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